Visit Photo Gallery: Rowing for Fatima to see images of the row.  
Day before the row:
I had the privilege of attending Mass at Our Lady of Charity Shrine in preparation for tomorrow's send off. All the Masses at the Shrine are in Spanish. The location was absolutely beautiful! Notice all the imagery of Our Lady protecting men in boats. The chapel itself is in the form of a sail boat with Our Lady forming the mast and sail. There is a fantastic story of Our Lady of Charity coming to the protection of sailors.What a terrific way to prepare for tomorrow's send off. Praise be to God!!! Thank you for your prayers.
Day 1 & Day 2 on the Intracoastal:
Just learned that Gerald will be delayed for 6-8 days due to a terrorist threat in London. After staying at a Miami Beach Hostel for two days, I set off at 7;15 am from the Miami Beach Rowing Club to St. Patrick Church for the 9:00 blessing. Had some difficult with the getting the boat set up properly, but managed to make it to St. Patrick's by 9:00 am. Here is a link to the story the Miami Archdiocese published: Rowing4Fatima. My heart was a bit heavy because I had missed the 8 am Mass and was not able to receive the Blessed Sacrament. My next opportunity to attend Mass will be 60 miles away at St. Vincent Ferrer in Delray Beach at 5 pm.
Set off after the blessing through Biscayne Bay. Was a bit difficult navigating and experienced some choppy seas and was rowing against the current, but managed to get through it. Using Google Maps on my cell I was able to navigate through the Bay into the Intracoastal Waterway. Stopped off at a harbor to eat lunch, freshen up, and get some rest. Told my brother Joe that now I was in the Intracoastal, then navigation would be a cinch. All I had to do was to head North with land in either side of me. The Intracoastal, however, opens up and splits off in several areas. I usually pass under the bridges along I95. Shortly after leaving Biscayne Bay I noticed a bridge up ahead and assumed that it was I 95. I was wrong. It was high tide and I was pleased to finally have the current with me. The current must have been moving at least 5-6 knots. Happy as a lark, enjoying the speed and imagining the great time I would be making, I suddenly heard the noise of large crashing waves. I turned around and noticed that I was heading straight for the Atlantic! I had to turn and row against the current back to the Intracoastal. That took a lot of precious energy and time.
Safely back into the Intracoastal I began to row and pray. I had a lot to offer God. When my body was getting tired and worn down, it was the Rosary that sustained me. I managed to tow 31 miles non stop to Fort Lauderdale. Before arriving into Fort Lauderdale, I experienced some weather. Thunderstorms were rolling in from the Atlantic. I could feel the shock of the explosive thunder and the heat from the lightening. A severe storm came through with heavy rain. I put my rain gear and life jacket on and continued rowing. A bit concerned, I remembered to prayer to St. Joseph asking for protection from storms, I then turned to Our Blessed Mother and asked God for His Mercy. The rain suddenly stopped and a line of white clouds formed just above me. They seemed to be keeping the ominously dark storm clouds at bay. Some of the clouds even formed images that looked like angels doing battle against demons. I was at peace and continued to row. I noticed a restaurant along the Intracoastal with a place to tie down, it was time for diner!!! The kitchen, however, was closed. Two fellas were smoking Cuban cigars on the deck while enjoying their brandy. They got a kick out of seeing me climb up the ladder from my small rowing skiff. They were surprised that I had rowed from Miami Beach. The owner of the restaurant was kind enough to bring me a cup of coffee. I explained why I was rowing to the young waitress form Cuba. She was intrigued by Our Lady and promised to pray for my safety. She directed me to the taco place across the street to get something to eat. Fortunately, it was 2 for 1 tacos!!!!!
I continued down the Intracoastal for a few more hours when I began to look for a place to tie down and get some rest. I was now in Fort Lauderdale passed several freighters as they were being loaded. I though I may be able to sneak in the boat yard and get some rest when a very bright spotlight hit me. That was my signal to move on. Shortly after, I noticed a spot where I could tie down and sneak a rest. Not 20 minutes later, at 1 am, a large fishing vessel pulls up. I was in there spot. I quickly untied and apologized for the inconvenience. I explained that I was on my way to N.Y. and just needed some rest. The captain said not to worry. Finally, I came upon a marina that was closed. I tied up next to the gas pumps and took a 40 minute nap. Made some coffee in the Jet Boil and ate a bagel and some granola, then set off again.
For the most part, I was rowing against the current the entire journey. My body was exhausted and I was pushing myself to the limit. At one point, I was so tired that I decided to take a nap without tying up (NEVER do that!). God came to my rescue and sent a another monsoon like rain. Before I could even close my eyes, I heard the rain from behind me. I turned to see the downfall coming at me like a wall. I quickly through on my rain gear and my life jacket then began to row. The rain felt so good! The thunder gave me new life. I realized God was sending the South to give me the boost I needed. I thanked God for His mercy. With new energy, I set off for Delray.
My challenge was to row 34 miles in less that 10 hours in the heat of the day and against the current. Unfortunately, the heavy storm did not last very long, but God did send a gently breeze from the South to encourage me. My water supply was running low, but I dod not have time to stop. I noticed a group of school children and their parents/teachers having a picnic, so I rowed over and asked one of the adults if they could spare any water. A young man offered to fill by water bottle for me. That was a life saver! I greatly appreciate when people respond with charity.
George from St. Vincent Ferrer in Delray Beach could not believe that I was only seven miles away. I arrived into Delray Marina at 4:15pm. I called George and told him my location and he said that I was at the wrong marina. I had another 2.1 miles to go!! The last 2.1 miles was a killer. George greeted me, briefly introduced me to the Monsignor, and we went to the 5 pm Mass together. My legs were not there yet and I was a bit wobbly. Monsignor Skindeleski invited George and I to dinner along with another priest. It was during diner that the Monsignor invited me to stay at the rectory until Gerald arrived. The people at St. Vincent Ferrer arranged for me to keep the boat at a marina close by. The boat is now having "" placed on it along with the Blue Army logo. I hope to set off again in a few days.
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Posted by Bev Uehlein on 30-Sep-2017 at 21:14:16 EST
Subject: Rowing For Fatima

Blessings Greg. Thank you, for being a witness for Our Lady of Fatima. Enjoyed reading about your mission for the reparation of souls. May God continue to give you his strength, fortitude and graces for the journey. You will be in my prayers. God Bless You!

Posted by Bill and Bev Mikius on 29-Sep-2017 at 10:51:34 EST
Subject: Our Lady of Fatima Pray for Us

Greetings Greg. We're reading about your 'venture for Fatima' for the first time. I have had a deep devotion to Fatima since childhood and pray every day for the Fatima message to be realized. You are an inspiration to my wife and I and we will keep you in our prayers as you continue your mission in whatever capacity you undertake. God Bless you. May Our Lady of Fatima protect you in all your pursuits that honor her and her Son ... bill and bev

Posted by Tom Scott on 31-Aug-2017 at 14:50:03 EST
Subject: Rowing 4 Fatima

Made contact with Greg on Sunday, August 27, about 3 P.M. He was about to set off from Coinjock Marina and head into Currituck Sound. Did not get far. Weather, wind and waves forced him to seek shelter at Bells Island in Currituck. He spent the next two days with us in Currituck until the weather finally cleared and he was able to resume his travel north on Wednesday morning. Most recent contact had him located in Norfolk, VA, on the Elizabeth River.

Posted by Tom Bell , Jr on 23-Aug-2017 at 04:05:41 EST
Subject: Greg was here last night

Greg arrived in Swansboro NC last night in good cheer. We fed him and Friend Doug gave him a bed. I just sent him off rowing into the sunrise towards Morehead City. God bless him on his way. May our mother be Ruth him. Tell me how to send you some photos

Posted by Joshu hewett on 15-Aug-2017 at 17:21:47 EST

Hey Greg a buddy and I met you tonight my peachtree landing in Myrtle beach South Carolina. God bless you and your travels glad we got to meet!! Row on brother

Posted by RICHARD ECKLER on 22-Jul-2017 at 17:32:51 EST
Subject: Support

Hey Greg! We met on Cumberland Island dock a few days ago (July 20) and as promised I checked out your website. I was amazed to see you are connected to the Covington Archdiocese. I was born and raised in Covington. It was a privilege and a pleasure to discuss the mission and other things with you. I will be making a donation- not much but consider it a vote of confidence and encouragement. If you're in the neighborhood call me- I owe you a dinner. 904-384-4086

Posted by Ellen Trepanier on 20-Jun-2017 at 10:36:51 EST
Subject: Good Luck and God Bless and Protect You!

Hey Greg,<br><br>I'm reading about you and praying for you.<br><br>I'm from St. Brendan School in North Olmsted, Ohio and we talked on the phone several weeks ago!<br>Good luck and God Bless You!<br><br>Ellen