Children responded to the following questions to the best of their ability.
I.  Lucia asked Our Lady, "What do you what of me?" If you were to ask Our Lady of Fatima the same question, what would Her response be?
II. Why does Our Lady ask us to pray the Rosary every day?  
The winning essay was written by a 5th grade student at St. Thomas School in Fort Thomas, KY. Here is that essay:
Pray for the conversion of sinners, so that one day we will all be in heaven together as one with God. God is very troubled with all of the sin in our world today. Pray the rosary so that your answer to God will be, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” I want you to sacrifice your things by giving them to others. And pray to God like this: For the unborn babies, that they may be born and live and grow with the rest of us, and that we may cherish and love them until natural death, and then we will continue loving them, just as you do O Lord. That is what I think Our Lady of Fatima would say if I asked her what she wanted of me.

Our Lady of Fatima asks us to pray the rosary every day for the conversion of sinners. Our lady of Fatima asks us to pray the rosary every day for peace for the world. But most importantly, we should pray the rosary every day for the conversions of OURSELVES, (and those around us) that we grow closer to God in our faith, words, and actions.